August 11, 2014

When In Roam

photos by Kelly Fay @photografay
A couple of weeks ago I visited ROAM, a boutique in Greenwich CT that carries over 75 brands ranging from bathing suits to evening gowns. Kelly and I spent the whole day trying things on and shooting around the neighborhood. They pretty much offer any type of personal styling you need whether it be in store at home. If for any reason you can't make it they will bring an assortment of outfits to style you in at home, as well as organize your closet!

This Alexis dress was too gorgeous to not try on. I happen to feel the most fabulous when lounging in an evening gown because I mean why not?

They're also offering 15% off to my readers with the checkout code COLBY15. Stay tuned for more posts featuring the pieces from When In Roam and happy shopping!

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