December 2, 2013

Sales On Sales

Today is the day all emails blow up, and the internet sucks you in with sales and deals. It's an amazing thing to be casually sitting at your desk, drinking coffee, and purchasing the same deals you would on Black Friday minus all of the long lines and crazy peeps. I get it, sales are good, but there is no reason to trample over others for a blowdryer $10 cheaper than normal. Sorry. That being said, I've been browsing (obviously) and I've found some amazing things that I found worth sharing!

Buy Florabotanica, get more Florabotanica and a Balenciaga travel clutch. COOL.

(cc: Sweater, Beanie, Boots)

Gorjana & Griffin: 40% off full website
Great jewelry, great price, especially for grab bag gifts etc. 
(cc: Knot Ring)

(cc: Envelope ID Case)

(cc: Surf Spray)

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