December 10, 2013

Get Gifted

Here are a couple of things I have been given from previous holidays or just gifts in general that I absolutely love and would recommend to everyone else having a hard time finding gifts for friends. Explanations below….

For your photographer friends: Any type of polaroid camera. These are so much fun!!!! They also make taking photos so much more exciting. You don't really know what to expect until you allow the film to develop and you really only have 1 chance to get the shot. iPhone's are obviously amazing, but it's a little different when you only have 10 pics to a roll of film.

For your fashion friends: The ring tree. Any girl into her clothing and accessories knows how important it is to keep pieces organized. I know from experience and will rarely wear things that are hidden away in drawers and jewelry boxes. It's easy to forget what you own, especially when it's not directly in front of you.

For your creative friends: Notebooks, planners, and all cool books to write ideas down in. As much as technology has changed the face of reminders and notepads, there is still something about physically writing ideas down. This goes for your super organized friends as well. Some people (including me) cannot get things done without a "shit to do" list for the day. Physically checking things off my "shit to do" list makes me feel so accomplished.

For your beauty friends: Bomb stocking stuffer lipsticks. Who doesn't love a new lipstick or gloss? My two favs right now are the Maybelline Color Elixir lacquers and Fresh colored chap-sticks.

For everyone else: Monogrammed anything. I have a sick obsession with things with my name on them, or initials. There's nothing like having a product that only you can wear, that is physically yours and for you. Don't get me wrong, I have a huge closet and I love to let anyone borrow whatever they want but it's nice to know that unless you're name starts with a C, you will not be wearing my Rebecca Minkoff clutch, sorry biddies. :)


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