November 11, 2013

Maybe It's Maybelline

Holy lipgloss. 

I'm very excited to be a part of Maybelline's new lipstick launch, Color Elixir by Color Sensational. It's been about two weeks of wearing and testing these little beauties and in all honestly, I was very surprised by my new found love for gloss. I've always strayed from sticky lip products because I often wear my hair down. I'm sure most of you have experienced what one quick gust of wind could do to both your fresh blow out and perfectly glossed lips. This line of glosses however, reminds me more of a liquid balm and the colors are beautifully saturated. They're perfect for day and night wearing and keep your lips exceptionally moist. No sticky goop here, whoop whoop!

Sponsored by Refinery 29 | photos by Nicolette

A big thanks to Refinery 29 and Maybelline for sending me samples of these three colors. I'm wearing Signature Scarlet (020) in the first photo and after two weeks of testing, I've come to a conclusion that this line is a fantastic beauty purchase. Not to mention a great gift for the holiday's!

**Beauty tip: dab with a tissue after you apply for the least glossy look. You're left with a slightly bitten lip and it's amazing.

Signature Scarlet - 020
Raspberry Rhapsody - 030
Fuchsia Flourish - 075

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