August 19, 2013

Summer Straps

Photos by Nicolette

Finding myself back in the states mid to end of summer has definitely been hard to get used to. Not only have I been semi stuck in winter mode, with my mind set on layers, but where the hell are all my summer clothes?! I'm rotating between 2 dresses I bought in Australia and obviously, all things black. I can't help it but I'm from New York, we wear a lot of black.

Anyway, I'm naturally pretty set in the shoe department. These Ahnu strappy summer sandals are extremely comfortable and they've mentally brought me back to the Birkenstock days (lol). This style obviously making a comeback when Celine decided to create their own version for Spring 2013 with Miu Miu and many other brands following suit. As a 90's baby with older sisters, I vaguely remember some funny things about the Birk era...cough cough my sister Nicolette, rocking them while playing snake on her old school Nokia phone. That said, I plan on sticking to my 90's baby roots for the rest of the summer with these kicks by my side. It's this grungy laid back look and I can't lie, I'm into it.


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