August 23, 2013

Summer In The States

Photos by Blake

What's better than spending time with your besties over some good food and white wine? Summer is all about a backyard BBQ, especially if you're in my group of friends. Inspired by much of my "Taste Buds" board on Pinterest, we made some delicious dishes like this one and it was unbelievable. I definitely recommend trying it!

Now obviously a BBQ requires the right attire. I'd define it as cute and comfortable, because no one wants to have a food baby in a skin tight mini dress, or skirt for that matter. So I went with the usual destructed denim shorts and this Left on Houston lightweight sweater. It's what i'd consider to be relaxed to the max and that's what summers all about. ;)

P.S. Currently obsessed with my new nameplate necklace courtesy of oNecklace. Get @ me on all social media platforms; @colbymilano 


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