June 4, 2013

Island Babe

Photos by Donna // Blake // me

is·land babe [ahy-luh nd] [beyb] 

a girl or woman, who lives by the ocean, wearing minimal articles of clothing and regularly sipping on piña coladas. 

How fabulous it was, to live that island babe life. Fiji was one of the best experiences I've ever had and I really hope to go back to this island again at some point in my life. 

This post was from the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort located on the beautiful island of Nacula, in the northern portion of the Yawasa Island Chain of Fiji. If you're planning to go to Fiji, I HIGHLY recommend you travel to the Yawasa Islands. There were many resorts to choose from but Blue Lagoon was the most surreal in my opinion. We traveled via ferry for 4.5 hours and passed many of the other islands but were warmly welcomed by crystal clear water, white sand, and fijians once arriving to Nacula lagoon. Bula! (hello in Fiji)

The thing I like most about rocking that island babe life, is being able to run around braless, makeupless, and shoeless. My cousin, best friend, and I had a beach villa with this large hammock outside where some of us took naps, cough cough Blake. Our bathroom was half indoor and outdoor which was so relaxing. I happened to shower while it was raining and you could only imagine how amazing that was. Truely appreciating all aspects of life while enjoying many pina coladas. I have a lot more photos to come, wearing some of my favorite bathing suits on islands of Fiji thanks to Bollare! Stay tuned. xx

Wearing Honey Punch maxi from last summer, a brand Bollare also familiarized me with. You can find and shop their new summer styles here. I've always been a fan of maxi dresses for warm weather. Anything that I can easily throw on and be comfortable in is my ideal summer style.


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