June 14, 2013

Coastal Walk Photo Diary

Photos by Blake

The coastal walk will forever be one of my favorite experiences while in Australia. If I were to move here, this would be where I'd go to clear my head as you can probably see why from these photos. Mid way between Bondi and Bronte beaches is a hidden and semi dangerous area on a cliff edge where we sat and whale watched. I'm a sucker for Discovery channel so you could only imagine how excited I was to catch a glimpse of sea life with my own eyes. 

Normal people might wear something a little more work-out appropriate, being that you climb stairs and slightly scale the edge of cliff. Naturally, I choose the jeans, graphic tee, and boots but what else is new. Graphic tees are the best, and this one my cousin picked up for me while traveling overseas. It's my new fav. Xx


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