May 17, 2013

Packin' My Bags

TGIF: Today is the day that I begin mentally prepping for this amazing trip. I'm planning outfits and pulling together all of my necessities for the travel. Bollare was kind enough to supply me with some awesome accessories that will make my flight and life so much better, thanks guys! If you've followed me on instagram/twitter @colbymilano, you might have seen some of the pieces. (hint: sick TKO watch!^)

Anyway, I've created this little travel board as inspiration for my flight outfit. A pair of loose jean shorts, sweater, jacket, and boots is an ideal plane look. I guess with all of the sleeping pills I plan on taking it won't really matter what I'm wearing, but at least I'll know before I pass out that I'm lookin' super cute!

The look is accompanied by a large tote which I tend to always travel with. It fits everything and is the best when it comes to easily obtaining the wallet for security. I can't wait to instagram my twistband jelly passport case btw. It's amazing, stay tuned!

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