May 24, 2013

Oxford St.

 Photos by Blake // me

Whattup Australia! 
First, I can't even believe I'm here right now. I'm already having the best time and reuniting with my bestie for life is so exciting. She hasn't been around for the past 4 months so you could only imagine the separation anxiety going through my bones. For the past 24 hours she's been showing me the ropes, taking me to her everyday spots including this amazing breakfast and lunch cafe. It's very interesting to be in another country that speaks english. It almost feels like its the same as the United States until the culture differences kick in. Anyway, I've been mainly dying over everyones accents and how beautiful this area is. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Sydney opera house and the couple of days I will be spending in FIJI. Yea. Leaving Wednesday and I'm so pumped. 

The rest of the day we spent shopping, naturally. The markets here are super cool and the stores are even more unbelievable. While walking Oxford St. we discovered a small outdoor vintage stand where I found a sweet striped blazer. I also discovered these Prada boots which I unfortunately did not take home with me, but they deserved a photograph. 

Can't wait to post more from this trip! Keep up with me socially [ @colbymilano ] and holla if you know any awesome places I should visit while I'm here!! xox 

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