May 13, 2013

Jet Set #Australia

photos via tumblr

Firstly, it's finals week. I'm swamped with prototyping, developing, researching, designing, and all this other fun stuff and that has been the reason behind my absence. On a more exciting note, it's almost over and I can't wait to drink to that! On an even MORE exciting note, I'm leaving for Australia on Tuesday to visit my bestest friend Blake. I couldn't be more pumped to explore the land down under and casually hop on another flight to visit the beautiful island of Fiji. IS THIS REAL LIFE?! I'm so thankful for the awesome people in my life. I hope you are all prepared for awesome photos coming your way, and if anyone has any places they recommend I check out please feel free to holla! I'll be in Sydney, and I can't wait to shop and love life in all the awesome stores. 

AH. k bye.

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