May 15, 2013

Dirty Dogs & Backpacks

Welcome to my life! It's finals week, and this is what I'm wearing. 
Having a backpack is essential during these times and I recommend to EVERY girl that you get one. Tote bags seem like the right choice for carrying tons of books but with 3 years of commuting experience, I can tell you (and so could my right shoulder) that it is not the go to. Get yourself a backpack, and PS: keep an eye out for the Fall 2013 Aimee Kestenberg backpacks. They're fabulous. 

On another note, I stopped by Pixie Market last weekend and picked up this little cheetah ear-cuff. I've been on a very dainty jewelry kick lately, but I plan to switch it up. My visit to the Bollare office yesterday inspired me to rock big watches and bangles. That might be my next move for me in the jewelry department. I've photographed some of the stuff on my instagram (@colbymilano), make sure you check it out! 

ASOS backpack, URBAN OUTFITTERS scarf, FOREVER 21 jacket, TSUBO footwear

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