April 1, 2013

The Ocean Breathes Salty

These photos document the beginning of my day spent on the boat in Florida. It's funny how I start off with an iced coffee, and finish with a beer. Those two drinks basically describe how awesome my day was and so do these pictures. I could get used to cruising in aquamarine water while admiring giant houses, and I did for a minute. Now that I'm back in NY, all I could wish for is water and weather like this. 
One downside to this post is the fact that this bathing suit bottom flew off our balcony when laying out to dry the next day. By the time I realized, it was gone forevs. Isn't it depressing when a piece you love gets lost?! Such a bummer.
Also really loving this lace jacket I picked up at Mixology stores before I left. I wore it a million times and I can't wait to wear it a million more.

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