April 25, 2013

Messy Bunz & Maxi Skirts

Photos by Nicolette Milano

Zara Sandals, H&M top, Vintage Skirt & Belt, Necessary Clothing Jewelry

I definitely can't help but surround myself with friends that constantly quote mean girls. Friday at Hot Kiss is like a non stop conversation with the occasional outbursts of "I want my pink shirt back!" and "Is butter a carb?" Basically where I'm going with this has everything to do with the vintage belt that happens to be my moms from the 80's. Now if you're anything like I hope you to be, you are thinking in your head exactly what you should be thinking. There is not one moment when I wear this belt that I don't hope and pray to the mean girl gods for someone to ask me "OMG I love you're belt where did you get it?" so I can casually answer "It was my moms from the 80's." etc, etc. #bestmomentever.

Anyway, on a more serious note, love this belt and love this baby star print maxi. Vintage finds are always the best because of their unique tendencies. This overall look I'm becoming very fond of for the warmer months. There's nothing more comfortable and sexy than a sweet skirt and a crop top. I'm all about those 90's baby tees!

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