April 26, 2013

Don't Bother, I'm Shopping

We're back for another #TGIF outfit inspiration on Moeh Fashion. These posts are always curated by my loves on Fashiolista, where I find it's the easiest to gather items I want or love. The minute I see something I like, my brain kicks into full gear planning what I'm going to wear with it and where I'm going to wear it. It's the same when I shop, which is why it's very difficult to buy just 1 item. As a normal girl buying 1 thing is nearly impossible. That's one of the reasons why this little Rebecca Minkoff iPad case caught my eye. "Don't Bother Me...I'm Shopping!" can relate to a lot of girls and their addiction. Am I right?! 
PS, these Alexander Wang cut out shorts are totally awesome. I paired it with the Marc Jacobs sweater and obv a pair of heels. I wish this could be on my body, right now!

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