April 15, 2013

Casa Del Mar, Santa Monica

Photos by Rachel

I arrived at LAX last Saturday morning with Rachel, head designer at Hot Kiss, and headed straight to the gorgeous Casa Del Mar hotel in Santa Monica. Leave it to my favorite cousin to find this place, right on the beach, and in one of the most beautiful towns in California. I often wonder why Santa Monica isn't completely overpopulated. I mean the weather is always amazing, the beach is gorgeous, and the air feels so clean. I've been contemplating the idea of living there after I graduate. I think I want to take advantage of the fact that I am not tied down to anyone or anything, yet. We'll save that conversation for a later date.

Anyway, this is me loving life around the hotel premises. I was fully equipped with my fav fedora, same as what I rocked all vacation long in Florida, and my new Sam Edelman sandals. These are now my go-to shoes for Spring/Summer. With the vast amount of running around that I do, I need something comfortable and I don't particularly like flats. The ‘Trina’ pretty much solved my problem plus the baby heel is gold. How can you say no to the perfect metallic and neutral contrast?

 The rest of the week was spent in LA where I worked with the Hot Kiss team during market week. I love everyone I work with so to sum it all up it was a great time. My boss is the shit, more photos of the trip to come!

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Rachel said...

love you!! xoxoxox