March 1, 2013

Meow Metallic

Multiple times a day I see or think about an item I love that is unattainable. The reasons for it being unattainable are as follows: I have really expensive taste and my bank account can't handle me, I really want it but I know I probably won't wear it more than once, or there are multiple items in which I cannot pick between and just give up since I can't spend $$$$ on all of them. Basically, I'm like most normal 20 year olds who can't throw away all their hard working $$ every week on shoes but really want to. 

Anyway, Fashiolista has been introduced to me a couple of weeks ago and it's helped me with all of the ridiculous feelings I just ranted about. You ever shop online, throw shit into your cart and feel kind of satisfied? As if it sitting in your cart makes you in more control of the item like you own/have it but you really don't? It's weird, but that definitely happens and this is basically satisfying that feeling. I collect the items I wish I could have, items that I own, or items that I want all under my cute lil profile.

This collection is all items pulled from my Fashiolista, and I want this outfit end of story. 

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