March 13, 2013

{LRD} Little Red Dress

A couple of posts ago I was explaining my love for the color red, and how I planned to bring it into my wardrobe in every way possible. Well this LRD, from H&M last season, I've resurrected from my closet because it's the perfect transitional piece into Spring don't you think? Fun, flirty, comfortable, and casual are always characteristics for a feel good outfit. With that, I'll say my favorite fashion motto: feel good, look good!
Photos by Nicolette

Another thing that gets me about this outfit is my backpack. After receiving this from ASOS and wearing it to and from NYC, I've realized how essential a backpack is. I might be late on this point, but my life (and back) has never felt better so a big thanks to ASOS for that! 

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