March 7, 2013

District 15

Is it obvious these boots have been through a lot with me? They're so worn in they're beginning to crack. What can I say, when you're running back and forth between NYC, LIRR, and Long Island a comfortable shoe is a comfortable shoe. Not sure if I'm ready to let them go no matter how beat up they look. It gives them character, ya know?
 Photos by Nicolette

One thing I can say about Long Island is there are many beautiful homes, schools, and beaches to drive to and explore. Besides that it's pretty boring, JK! Not really, but hey isn't this middle school awesome? I mean, the pillars are pretty legit and so is my Helmut Lang tee. Repping "New York" attitude hard in this post and loving it. 

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Nicolette said...

i cant wit this post

Katie Rose said...

I'm a new reader to your blog! I love your shoes!!!

Katie Rose
Obsessed by Katie Rose