March 25, 2013

Beach Life

Photos via me // my moms

This week I'm taking off from NY life and staying at my family's Florida apartment. Putting everything from school, work, and NY weather to rest for a chance to just freely blog and enjoy the scenery (literally). So far I've rode my bike about 9 miles down the beach for shits & gigs, enjoyed our balcony that looks over the ocean, and hung by the pool. Really rough life I'm living right now. Anyway, I've been asking myself why I don't move down here for a little bit after I graduate, then I waited in line at Starbucks for about 20 mins with only 1 person ahead of me and realize "oh, that's why". People are moving way too slow for my liking, but for now I'm in no rush so I'll forgive them and take my iced caramel macchiato, thanks!

PS: I don't have internet in my apt right now, so posting will be limited (unfortunately). Keep up with me via instagram / twitter  @colbymilano !


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