February 21, 2013


Sometimes I wonder when they'll stop, and by that I mean the social media platforms. 

Within this media driven world I easily find myself lost in a bunch of apps and websites. I love sharing don't get me wrong, I'm in this industry because I live and breathe this shit but, there comes a point when you must decide between the 100,000s. Keeping up with each and every website can give me a headache and I'm sure this feeling is mutual. My point is, at some point, you must break down these platforms and pick the best and most beneficial ones for yourself. I'm also curious to know which ones you are loyal to and why? After a recent discussion about the topic of social media, I found many of the platforms I use are the most convenient for me as well as generates the most feedback. 

Tumblr for starters, is my main source of inspiration. I use it only on my iPhone because the app is fantastic and simple. I later view it on my computer as it is a beautiful collection of photos I love. Generating content everyday is a lot of work and when I can't do that for myself, I rely on inspiration for future works. Instagram is my next favorite. Interacting with friends over images is something I loved to do before Instagram, this just makes it that much easier and with a larger range of people. Fashiolista, a new platform I've become a user of helps me collect actual articles of clothing that I love and displays them on my profile as well as right here - my newest loves can be found on the right side bar! They too have the perfect app, and I'm realizing more and more how important that is for me. Last but not least, Facebook. It's just addicting personally and professionally. "I don't care, I love it."

Are you as organized as I am about this?
So this is what I use & where you could find me:
(make sure to vote my look! here)http://
(if you follow a lot of blogs, this is a good app/website for you)

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