January 6, 2013

Upper East Side Red

Photos by Blake

Caught some amazing things while shopping on Long Island last week. It’s been a rough couple of days and some retail therapy was very necessary. I was most excited about finding these boots on sale and in my size at Zara. It’s like the gods of fashion were giving me a sign and I definitely acted on it. Since then I’ve been comfortably running back and forth between Long Island and the city. A perfect black bootie is so crucial in ones closet and I’ve finally found mine! Also hit the jackpot when I found this sweater in a somewhat preppy section of Zara. Button downs, blue jeans, and blazers took over the small corner of the store and I really loved every piece. It inspired me to start playing with prep for the next couple of weeks. I’ll obviously share my outfits when I do!

Zara booties & sweater, Express jacket, LF jeans
Get your go-to black boot!

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