January 29, 2013

Stoop Kids

Photos by Blake

Starting to go through the mid winter crisis. The month when you no longer enjoy the cold and all you want is beach, summer, and stoop chillin'. It's the one thing I really enjoy doing and I miss it during the winter. Chillin' on my front stoop is like my go-to when I need to think, get work done, or don't want to be in my house any longer. I am totally the Hey Arnold stoop kid, minus the harassing of passers (maybe). Such a 90's baby moment. This happens to be my best friends stoop, and it was actually bearable to sit outside today so that's what we did for a little while. Where's your go-to spot for inspiration x relaxation?

Forever 21 pants, Zara heels,  Marc Jacobs sunnies, American Apparel beanie

1 comment:

Her Imagination said...

I love to just sit at the train/bus station and watch people. Of course in winter it is way to cold to do that.
You look amazing by the way.