January 24, 2013

Indoor // Outdoor

Photos by Keith

Mixing art history with indoor and outdoor looks thanks to UK site, That's Pretty. I've always been a fan of mural printed clothing but never actually found myself buying them. Happy to have been able to rock this skirt with its display of Anton Raphael Meng's 'The Triumph of History over Time'. I'm more familiar with scenic mural printed clothing, which makes this one ten times more interesting. Art is beautiful and to see them on clothing is even cooler. I definitely think this piece will be amazing in the summer with a white collared button down and a nice tan. 

Next Door Girl skirt c/o Thats Pretty, American Apparel turtleneck, Messeca heels, Vintage coat

1 comment:

Fabric Snob said...

woah, that skirt is killer!!!!!