January 24, 2013

Fitted With Flare

Photos by Keith

This would be today's shopping attire. It might not look the most comfortable for some, but for me this is very ideal. Go-to jeans, this time skipping the skinnies and went straight for my Blank NYC flares. With a flare you could wear your most comfortable shoe, even if it's not the prettiest, because you can't really see it anyway! Perf. Next, went for a button down that I haven't worn in a little while and missed.  It has birds on it and it's so cute. Lastly, threw on a sweater (it's freezing in NY) and a fitted cap. It was one of those hair days, you know when nothing works? So, cap it up.

Blank NYC flares, Zara shirt, American Apparel sunglasses, Yankee fitted
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