December 5, 2012

Vintage Prada

Photos by Blake

The moment I got my hands on the vintage Prada I knew I had to take it home. Your probably thinking, well duh girl its Prada, for 50$ you better buy it. No doubt that definitely went through my head, but I was also intrigued by its silhouette and color thinking “this is so classic, I can wear it in any season and so many different ways!” Immediately while holding it mid vintage shop I thought of at least 3 outfit combinations and so far I’ve done all 3 plus more. Here, I layered with a leather jacket and boots because it was a beautiful fall day.  The dress is super light and comfortable making any sort of layering very acceptable. Cropped sweaters layered over with chunky knit scarves and heeled boots also makes for a great fall outfit. During the summer I wore it plain, with my favorite Zara heels and a couple of cool pieces of jewelry. The seam detailing and collared neck are enough to rock this dress as a classic staple piece. It’s definition versatile, thanks Prada.

Side note: just because you don't have this exact dress doesn't mean you can't find a similar basic piece to layer with! Follow the links below to create a similar look.

TOPSHOP jacket | PRADA vintage dress, similar here | ALDO boots, similar here | F21 hat 


Ciara Delaney said...

The problem with Ireland is that there are no vintage shops worth looking about it. Someone take me to the US!

Sharmili said...

what a perfect find! it really looks very versatile
xx mili

Hannah Tayab said...

you are absolutely gorgeous and of course so is the prada :') xxxxx

Sara Nettesheim said...

so gorgeous. I also love your hat.