December 19, 2012

Diy Tinsel Holiday Nail

As another part of my holiday posts, I wanted to share an easy "do it yourself" glitter nail. I've been really into sequins and sparkles this holiday season so I figured why not carry that over to my nails! 

You'll need: 
Glitter (I used Martha Stewart tinsel glitter)
Nail polish color of your choice 
Clear top coatPrep your nails in the usual routine of cutting, filing, and washing your hands. Once your nails are prepped, pick a color of your choice for the base of your glitter nail. Last year I used clear as a base coat and top coat, this time I wanted to do something a little bit different so I used Essie's "east hampton cottage" as my color. Paint each nail and add glitter individually. You'll need the nail polish to be as wet as possible to be sure the glitter will stay. If you decided to keep your nails as is, only using clear nail polish, you can add as many coats below and over the glitter to make certain they are within the nail polish. Once you've finished the process of paint, glitter, paint, glitter, you can then add a couple of clear topcoats to your nails. The amount of glitter you add is obviously up to you. If you are more patient than I am, you can also try giving the top of the nail less glitter and the bottom of the nail more glitter. This will create what we call an ombre glitter nail! Woo!The finished product = a lightly glittered holiday nail now ready for social media sharing. If you try this easy diy glitter nail, don't be shy to share your finished results! Tweet/instagram @colbymilano hashtag #moehfashion to show me your holiday inspired nails! Happy Holidays!

Photography by my lovely sissy Nicolette Milano

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