November 15, 2012

Parka Print Mix

Photos by Keith

I've always been a fan of mixing and layering prints. I find most people are nervous to try to conquer the concept but, in reality, it is very easy. Keeping the color scheme the same between the prints, add a basic contrast, and all will work out. I married these lovely pieces because they are both two of my favorite prints in my closet at the moment. The BBDakota parka was picked up at Mixology Stores recently. It’s been so great to me especially when I don’t feel like talking to anyone. The hood literally allows you to hide, so occasionally you may catch me hiding in my parka. It’s a phenomenal tribal print, with gorgeous bright colors and complimentary faux fur hood. Love it. I recommend it. Go buy it. 

BBDAKOTA parka jacket (enter code Colby10 for discount!) | UO leopard jacket | ALDO pumps

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