November 11, 2012

Mr & Mrs Deadly

Photos by Nicolette Milano

My groom and I going to a halloween party the night before the big sandy storm. The lack of internet and power since halloween has held me from posting this. Wish I could've shown it sooner to hopefully inspire my readers but I guess its better late than never. I love a chic halloween costume, especially one you can create by using things you already have. Using my fabulous Liquorice Boutique dress and layering it with white lace fabric made the perfect wedding dress. I am very proud of myself for how good our deadly makeup came out if I don't say so myself. A little face paint  lipstick, and liquid liner did the trick. All in all I love this halloween look, especially when your like me and pass out after the party in all your makeup and outfit so the "morning after" look is the real deal walking dead.

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