October 18, 2012

Commuter Ways

Photos by Keith

I will tell you, commuting back and forth to the city for work / school / whatever it is can be a real pain. There is much planning that must be done before hand, and many necessities for the ride. There's no running home really quick if you forgot something, no let me go change because I'm uncomfortable, or I need to wash my face and re-apply some make up so I don't look like a complete mess when I stay out all night after work. So this ones for my commuter friends, a guide to keep you ready for everything.

Headphones (SkullCandy, here) | Chapstick, lipgloss, lipstick | iPad, iPhone, & charger (Boostcase, here) | Business cards | Eyeliner, mascara | Clean & Clear oil wipes, hand sanitizer, bandaids | sandals if necessary | most importantly, a great bag to fit it all in (Walter Baker, here)

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