August 24, 2012

Mary Jane Lane

Not only did I have a pretty amazing week this week, but I've finally found myself letting go of my bunny ear iPhone case ( literally have had it on for a good 6 months now ) thanks to Bollare. I took a visit to their showroom to check out their new brands and this Boostcase cover was one of them. Not only are they super soft and pretty, but they're hybrid. Yes people, hybrid. Aka there is a detachable bottom battery piece that blends into the case. iPhone always charged, need I say more? 
Absolutely loving the Mary Jane trend going on right now. Topshop has a super high platformed version that I am very tempted to buy because they remind me of a mix between the recent fall Louis Vuitton's and a classic like this old school Nine West patent leather pair. So classy, so chic.
photos by keith
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