July 25, 2012

Tangerine Dream

Rocking the #nobrarevolution for a today's post, as well as an H&M tangerine maxi dress that is oh so comfortable and awesome. I love its 2 slitted side details. Obviously anything maxi for summer is a definite way to go in my book. You really can't beat their comfort and cool casual style especially when randomly throwing yourself on the roof of a car. 
Thank the heavens for spoiling me with a sister that knows a camera inside and out, has an eye for the most amazing things, and understands me like the back of her hand. Without that biddie, some of my most amazing blog pictures wouldn't be as amazing so props to you Nicolette. 
p h o t o s   b y   n i c o l e t t e 

Apparel : H&M tangerine maxi dress ( similar here )

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