July 26, 2012

LAmade All Weekend

This LAmade top is not only super comfortable, it's tie dye done right. I was never a big fan of tie dye but because it's rather subtle and only done with two colors, which by the way are such a nice combo, it  is on my top list of tops to wear right now. With the weekend coming up, I decided to style it in 3 ways that will work for 3 totally different style days.
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Finishing the last of this weeks projects, answering all emails, and secretly tweeting your excitement to get out 2 hours early. Dressing the most casual for this day of the week, but definitely the cutest. Happy hour anyone?

A step up from casual Friday because there are always many plans for the night and you never know where you'll end up, or who your going to meet. So that edgy outfit is always worth it. 
The day after Saturday night, so comfort is key and so is iced coffee. Creating a dress of a shirt by adding a fringe slip always works. 
p h o t o s    b y   n i c o l e t t e 

Apparel : Look 1: LAmade Top (here), Forever21 jeans (similar here), old Colin Stuart heels, Vintage briefcase bag
Look 2: LAmade Top (here), Shop Mixology lace shorts (similar here), Sanctuary denim jacket (similar here), Zara basic sandal (similar here)
Look 3: LAmade Top (here), LF fringe slip, Michael Kors bag, Hat (similar here)

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