June 15, 2012

Grease Lightning

Photos by Stevie | all white

I love old cars, love love love them. I also love taking photos with old cars, but I think thats obvious being that my mustang is always in all of my pictures. Occasionally me and my pops will drive our cars to small local car shows and take a look at what other people have. A nice guy named Jimmy let me jump in his ride for some shots, so awesome. 

Wearing so many beautiful things my amazing cousin gave me. The Michael Kors wedges, Zara top, and little bag from Paris are all gifts from her to me. I don't know if anyone is as cool as her honestly, or as lucky as me to have her as a cousin/godmother.

Apparel : Michael Kors wedges ( here ),  Zara basic top,  Paris bag,  diy cut shorts 

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