May 3, 2012

Mary Poppins

Photos by Keith

I always hate waking up to a rainy day during the week because I find I don't want to get dressed, leave my bed, or do any sort of work. Its also the worst when you get dressed, do your hair nice, walk out of the door and you've turned from ready to a hot mess in under 3 minutes. So, with that I must pull a go to up-do, a lipstick, and some earrings. I recently rediscovered an old pair of chandelier earrings and they went very well with my YSL lipstick. Layered a sweater and DIY vest over a dress and rocked my new Kelsi Dagger boots with my favorite clear umbrella. Rain Ready.

Apparel : Aldo Fruit Bag, Kelsi Dagger Boots here, LF dress, DIY men's Armani Jacket similar here, Chandelier Earrings, Jewel Mint Bracelet, UO Clear Umbrella here

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