April 10, 2012

DESIGNER | Laura Siegel

A couple of my favorite pieces
A jewelry collaboration with Nicole Messina

Knits and silks galore, long lengths, versatility, cozy, prints, and dresses. = Laura Siegel Collection 
(or everything I look for in life.)

Visiting new and upcoming designer, Laura Siegel's showroom last week was extremely inspiring. As I walked in I could see culture all around me, from the office decor to the jewelry to the collection itself. Her gift for creating effortless yet innovative fashions can captivate any apparel lover, and the stories behind each piece make them that much more unique. She has found and empowered communities abroad, using their ancient craftsmanship to create each piece. I learned about the artisans, processes, and culture through her stories and was inspired by the ways of developing the collection. Many times high fashion can be seen as hard to wear, or extremely avant garde, but Siegel has created a comfortable, layered, and a high fashion collection for both Fall and Spring. Thats 2 times she's conquered awesomeness and I'm excited to see what else she's got in store for us!

"Laura Siegel collaborates with artisans in rural villages around India and Bolivia to sustain traditional crafts by employing skilled locals. All textiles are individually handcrafted using natural dyes and chemical free processes."

Visit her website, The Laura Siegel Collection, to see her collections and inspiring stories. 

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