March 19, 2012

Picks For Peace x Moehfashion |

Picks for Peace is a bracelet company reminding all of the chaotic world that we live in, and the peace that should be more often brought by us. With music being the company's major influence, how can you not want to help spread the love by wearing these? It's like Stevie Wonder said "Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand."

I had a lot of fun styling & modeling the shoot. Picks for Peace offered awesome neons and metallics from their spring collection and I chose the same for my outfit. A pop of neon for your #armparty is always an awesome addition. Spread love, and be fashion forward by checking out the Picks For Peace website. Like their Facebook page to see their upcoming collections while listening to the company's inspirational music.

"Each pick represents something positive in life and supports individual meaning. We want to share this consciousness, donate to charity, and contribute to music and choice in this chaotic world. 

So what do you pick?"

Picks For Peace x Moehfashion
Photography by @NicoletteMilano

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