March 27, 2012

Fancy my Funk?

When I dressed myself this morning my outfit was going toward the more funky side. [ Electric blue blazer/jacket, leopard maxi dress, awesome crop tee, and my Aldo boots. ] When it came to jewelry, I was kind of bummed because the normal thing would be to layer necklaces, add a lot of giant rings/bracelets - whatever. For a strange reason, I was feeling a little different and it lead me to mixing with more simple jewelry, like these beautiful teardrop earrings. Fancying your funk? Coolness.

P.S. - if your a fashion lover, a blogger, and love your cell phone ( and its camera) - download the app Pose. I've mentioned it once before but its a great way to find inspiration, post your own outfits, and easy to follow fashion bloggers like myself! Find me on Pose/Twitter/Instagram @colbymilano and start your own pose profile! It's a lot of fun!!

F21 Electric Blue Blazer
John Galt "Always and Forevs, Down With Whatevs" T-shirt
Leopard Maxi Dress [ similar here ]
Aldo Biker Boots [ similar here ]

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