March 30, 2012

Boyfriend's* Jeans

Photos by Keith

I guess try hard to ignore the most obnoxious and ridiculously funny ladybug sunflower in the background. I know fashion blogging is all about the outfit, but that shits funny. Oh, and thats my boy Scoo, short for Scooby. He is a baby angel sent down from the heavens to our family, and I'm SO happy he was running around at the perfect moments because he's just the cutest. I would write an essay about him right now if I could but I doubt everyone wants to hear about it (even though you totally should).

Wearing: all of my boyfriends clothes. Except the shoes obviously, that would be weird. I took "boyfriend jeans" literal today, and wore my boyfriend's jeans. Not bad huh? The sweater is his too, super cute. The bad boys on my feet are a new addition to the closet, from Zara. LOVE.

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