February 13, 2012

Seeing Red

Whether you like it or not, valentines day is just about here. If your excited about it / going on a date, then you may be semi nervous about your overly thought outfit. Well chill out, first off. It's really not as stressful as your making it out to be. Now, your man is taking you to a nice place so lets get you something to wear to make him feel like he's so special for having you out with him (guys can be cocky, and if he has a dime on his arm he's going to want to show it/you off), and thats a good thing! We'll start with the base, so grab your best black. If your going for the downright sexy, grab a dress. If your going for the chic understated look, its black jeans, edgy top, and tailored blazer. Accessories are going to be the most important for this look so layer your necklaces, wear your chunky rings, and throw in the obvious red pieces. I say keep the red in your shoes, handbag, and makeup. I went with emerald green and gold for jewelry because its they're nice contrasting colors. Leopard also looks good against red and adds pattern. As for makeup, a nice cat eye or smokey eye is always a go too, and I say be fun with the lipstick (pinks, reds, and purples). Your fun, flirty, and sophisticated all at the same time. Don't worry if you don't have anything similar to this in your closet, Forever 21 is always the quickest and cheapest way to up your accessories. Much love, colby.

*photos from ASOS & Style.com

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Fashion By He said...

check out polyvore you might like that site for collages too