February 6, 2012


Decided to do my own moehfashion x uncle sam campaign to gain followers! If you aren't familiar with blogging but like what your seeing, there are easier ways to keep track of my posts. 

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Also, leave me some feedback!! I follow blogs too ya know, so don't be shy to share your own personal style, collections of photos, or whatever it is that you like to do.

american muscle

Giants won, pulled out the american flag sweater, and hopped on my mustang. 
Feeling very USA spirited today. 


Lisa Scharite said...

such a great concept of Uncle Sam to recruit followers! That car is just sick also! Love when I get the email from bloglovin' when there is a new post from Moeh Fashion!

BSchulman said...

LOVE that sweater!!! where did you get it??

colby milano said...

@lisa thanks!!
@BSchulman is ralph lauren!!

kethfgates said...

Sick pictures !!

kethfgates said...

!!!!!!! Awesome