December 10, 2011


urban outfitters | moehfashion

Dedicating this post to urban outfitters and their awesome products. I've been doing all of my Christmas shopping here for the past 2 years and it has always been a success. They have a lot of great apparel pieces, accessories, and gadgets for many types of people which makes it possible to do all your shopping at one time and at one place. Especially good for grab bag gifts, here are some items I love. (links are below) and check out their ad! ->

A. Ecote Piano Dress
B. Spinning Bird Jewelry Stand
C. Stackable Initial Rings
D. Tiered Necklace
E. Jeff Campbell Suede Ankle Boot
F. Delicate Hand Jewelry Stand
G. Kimchi Blue Ombre Fringe Cross-body Bag

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