November 21, 2011


Photo diary, consists of the normal things I do like get a pic of myself, take a cool pic, drink some coffee, and buy new things. Went to visit some friends in Michigan this weekend and found a graffiti alleyway aka a perfect photo op. Then went for lunch and did some casual shopping where I picked up these little blue velvet loafers and ivory bralette in Urban Outfitters. I never find comfort in standard bras so I buy all of these little lace ones with no pads and no underwire.  They're so comfortable and look the best under sheer shirts or big arm-pitted shirts. When I arrived back in NY last night I found a little package on my bed from Nasty Gal with these two-toned circle shades snuggled in it. Can't wait to wear all my new goodies :)

1. Cooperative Velvet Loafer, Blue - Urban Outfitters
2. Lace Bralette, Ivory - Urban Outfitters 
3. Two-Toned Circle Shades, Black - Nasty Gal

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