November 4, 2011


The maxi dress: A great piece to have in your closet for the pure reason of being able to wear it every season of the year.

This one happens to have sleeves but is completely sheer. In the spring/summer months its worn casually in the backyard, trendy with super high clunky wedges, or with a fun hat maybe? You get the point. In the fall/winter, this dress is even better. Here I tied a light denim shirt at the waist, added a chunky scarf, wore leggings for warmth (and see-throughness), and boots. Loved it.  It's an awesome look even with a cropped sweater and floppy felt hat, its also super comfortable, and gives you that look good feel good attitude. Don't be afraid lil cubs, go rock it.

Maxi Dress _ H&M
Leather & Suede Boots found here _ Nicole

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