November 30, 2011


Obsession: leather shopping bags.

I've been seeing a lot of these leather shopping bags/tote bags around and it's making me regret my decision of putting the H&M one I saw a while back down. These versions are BAGGU, and let me tell you are probably one of the best things to own. I always wear my regular handbag and then a tote for all my extra things that are too big for my bag or just too much (iPad, books, etc.). These however, combine both into one awesome quality bag that could fit the life of me. The smallest clutch version is also great. American Apparel makes a similar leather clutch/pouch that was on my list of things to buy until I visited the store to purchase, and realized they now make them with a plastic zipper rather than a gold or silver one which makes them look extremely cheap. Conclusion: BAGGU is the way to go. Perfect size to fit all the necessities for a night out.

For more colors and sizes | BAGGU 

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