November 3, 2011


Casual day, beautiful weather, 70's inspiration. Grabbed this sweater last week at Mixology. Not something I usually go for but the black pom-poms were too cute and so was the sweater so I couldn't resist. I'm extremely happy I bought it because its super warm and comfortable - perfect for days like this. Bellbottoms because they're necessary before living in skinnies tucked into boots for the next 4 months of freezingness. They always make a person look longer and taller, and I'm not complaining.

Want Sweater Cuteness? click here -> ShopMixology
Not sure if this code still works but code Colby20 could possibly get you 20% off, and they have a lot of great stuff. xo
Bellbottoms are super old, but Zara has great trousers right now

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