November 2, 2011

All Black Everything

If there's one thing I want right now that I can't physically have, its a Céline bag. This stamped exotic calfskin is very classic and at the same time very out of the box. Sounds a lot like myself? weird. First you can't go wrong with black, second you look super edgy and stylish when your bag is not only black, but its textured to look like alligator skin. Lastly, its square shape gives it that structured classic look, yet the side panels break all of the rules making it the most awesome and bad ass bag. Clearly, I'm obsessed. It would look awesome with the Zara shoes to the right. Pointed toe is very in right now and its great. Anything to elongate the leg is a good thing, for everyone. These are more my price point and I've been eyeing them for a couple of weeks. I have a pair similar but in blue, and although blue shoes are cool theirs nothing like your everyday go to black shoe.

Zara: Suede & Leather bootie       here
Céline Luggage Phantom Black       here

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