October 16, 2011


( classics )

I'm taking a 5 minute break from writing my 10 page paper on Mulberry, when I probably shouldn't be because its due tuesday but I figured I'd share the bags I chose to write about because they're gorgeous and everyone should see them. The quality, image, and style of this brand is really amazing. I've learned a lot about them in the past couple of days and if you ever get a chance you should visit the US flagship store on Spring Street in soho. It has gorgeous black wood floors, high bright white ceilings, massive bookcases filled with colorful books, and obviously all of their luxury merchandise. I chose these three bags because of their classic silhouettes and fabulous fabrics (these being: natural leather, midnight nubuck ostrich, and black soft buffalo leather). All in all just 3 pieces I would love to have in my closet. You could never go wrong with black, navy, or caramel.       -->         Mulberry

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