October 30, 2011

Fairytale Halloween

Happy Halloween

Pulled together a lot of feathers, jewels, butterflies, and sparkles this year and was a fairy. Mainly inspired by Walt Disney's Fantasia because those fairies are so awesome and beautiful. (If you haven't seen the movie you definitely should). My boyfriend was an undercover cop and looked super fly with his off white jeans, fitted blazer, and gun holster. Dressing up is my favorite, I was one of those girls in high school who always had the themed parties, which were the best, but yea. Unfortunately the snow yesterday made my love for dressing up and Halloween shrivel away and led me to have a glass of wine by the fireplace in a blanket instead. At least I went out 1 night, and theres always next year. Whatevs. 

American Apparel Pink Dress
Ralph Lauren Suede Pumps
Vintage Belt
Left Over Prom Dress Fabric
Feathers & Miscellaneous Items from NYC

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