September 3, 2011

story of a hurricane

 ( irene )

So my family decided to ignore the mandatory evacuation and hold it down at the fort during Hurricane Irene. I mean yea a good choice, but I've never been so bored/lost/antsy in my whole entire life. Thats kind of dramatic but whatever. The news made it seem like Irene was about to send Long Island floating into the Atlantic and I'll admit I got semi scared for a second but the storm was far from all that nonsense. My photos basically documented the first night - hi, thats me. Then a section of my closet. My foggy window because it was 100% humidity according to the weather man and because I stared out of the window 50% of that night watching for flying cows and crashing trees. That never happened.  Lastly, 556 page ELLE mag. It kept me occupied for a little while.
DAY 2: no pictures but way more fun. I drank ALOT of coffee, some which was spiked ;) then ran around outside in the wind, FUN! After that the sisters and I drove to Altantic Beach to check the surf. It was pretty scary/insane. I have to say it was a good day.
Wearing a cropped leopard cardigan, BBDakota maxi skirt (tucked in the top to create a draped mini skirt), and loose black tank. Cardigan & Skirt found at Mixology.

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